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Animal Health in and Around Madison


Who We Are

VHHMS is an ambulatory livestock veterinary clinic located in Madison, VA. We offer a broad range of services from emergency care to embryo transfer and much, much more!


What We Do

VHHMS veterinarians come to your farm to treat sick animals, discuss management strategies, offer specialized services and meet all your animal health and care needs.


Who Choose Us

We strive to utilize the most advanced equipment and techniques to care for your animals, from large-scale production herds to backyard livestock, we will always make your animals our priority!

If your animal needs us, call ASAP!
Emergency Services available 24/7!

Quick View of Our Services


Embryo Transfer

Collection, placement and freezing of cattle embryos including placement of IVF embryos, with consultation and assistance in super-ovulating donor cattle and setting up


Hoof Trimming and Care

Restrains animals safely and humanely with broad girth and flank straps andlays them on their side, allowing foot restraint to perform thorough exams, treat hoof problems such as abscesses, and do both corrective and cosmetic trimming effectively and safely.


Bull Breeding Soundness

A complete bull breeding soundness exam is quite possibly the most effective management tool that a producer can implement to increase pregnancy rates and produce more calves faster.

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