The current value of cattle is high and potentially climbing. With these increases in prices, we at Virginia Herd Health realize that animals are not as easily replaced, especially breeding stock. Thus, we have made the investment, and purchased a battery operated hydraulic chute to better serve you. This chute system allows us to come out to your farm, set-up at the end of an alley, and put animals (Both bulls and cows) on their sides and stabilize the feet to better examine, trim and treat any hoof problems. Please give us a call with any questions regarding our new chute or if you would like to schedule an appointment!!

Hoof Chute

What it does:

• Restrains animals safely and humanely with broad girth and flank straps andlays them on their side, allowing foot restraint to perform thorough exams, treat hoof problems such as abscesses, and do both corrective and cosmetic trimming effectively and safely

Key Benefits:

• Portable – we bring it to your farm and can back it to an alleyway or your existing system, set-up takes about 2 minutes or less
• Will hold a range of sizes from 600lb calves to 2,500+lb Bulls
• Hoof stabilization allows for the job to be completed correctly
• No worrying about ropes or getting kicked trying to treat an animal
• Hoof immobilization permits the use of electric hoof knives and grinders, making the process more efficient
• Hydraulics are powered by battery