Artificial Insemination

What it is:

• Non-invasive procedure to breed cattle, swine and does to superior bulls, boars and bucks using frozen semen (fresh chilled in the case of swine)

Key Benefits:

• Enhance genetic quality in your herd
• Eliminate expense and danger of keeping potentially aggressive intact male animals or at least reduce the number of males needed on the farm

How does it work?

• Prior to breeding we will work with client to synchronize animals to show estrus at a specified time using naturally produced hormones. These can be administered by the owner or by us (additional visit charges apply). On breeding day, we travel to client’s farm with all supplies needed or they can come to us. The animals are restrained to avoid injury to them and us.
• Cattle – Restrained in a chute and vulva wiped clean.We thaw the semen, load it into our AI rod, and use our hand rectally to palpate and guide the rod through the vaginal canal, then into and through the cervix, depositing the semen in the uterus.
• Goat – Restrained on a stand with rump elevated, the vulva is then cleaned. Dr. Weakley uses a speculum to visualize the cervix and forceps to manipulate it, guiding the breeding catheter into the uterus. An assistant then thaws the semen and syringes it through the catheter into the uterus. Semen analysis is routinely performed via microscopy after breeding to assure semen used was of adequate quality.
• Swine – Restrained in an alley or pen and preferably exhibiting lordosis (will stand absolutely still when pressure is applied to her back). The vulva is cleaned and a swine AI rod is inserted, locked into the cervix and the semen pouch connected to deposit.
• We offer fetal ultrasound to confirm pregnancy in all species
• Storage –bull and goat semen needs to be stored and transported in liquid nitrogen, we offer storage at the tanks located in our office. Swine semen needs to be stored around 60F, which we can store as well.